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Writing is an art.

Going viral is a science.


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Writing isn’t a dying craft. It’s just going digital.

Over the past decade, I have spent thousands of hours mastering the art of writing online. From creating one of the first Internet famous gaming blogs as a 17 year old, to becoming a 4x Top Writer on Quora, a Top 30 columnist for Inc Magazine, and having worked with hundreds of accomplished founders, executives, authors, speakers, and multi-million dollar companies on their messaging, my writing has accumulated over 50 million organic views on the Internet. Many of my most popular articles have also been republished by major publications such as TIME, Fortune, Business Insider, Forbes, Inc, CNBC, Slate Magazine, and dozens more.

I don’t have a free email list. I give away 99% of what I know about writing online, for free. But for those of you who want to really get into the nitty gritty, hear stories and lessons I’ve learned from my own mentors, and get access to my private writing workshops, The Nicolas Cole Letter is for you.

  • Habits, mistakes, and lessons learned becoming the #1 Writer on Quora and one of the most-read writers on the Internet.

  • Access to exclusive live writing workshops.

  • 1 on 1 mentorship.

  • And more.


Hire me to speak.

A keynote for entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and business leaders who want to know the power of messaging in the digital age.

A private workshop for businesses looking to overhaul their content strategy and turn their leadership team into a competitive advantage within their marketing mix.

A fireside chat or mastermind on my proven formula for writing viral articles online.

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Thought Leadership Agency

Digital Press

In 2016, I left the advertising world to help founders, C-suite executives, and business leaders give a voice to their vision. By utilizing the same techniques, formulas, and secrets that helped me accumulate over 50 million organic views on my work, Digital Press turns leadership teams into engaging, memorable, industry thought leaders through written content.

Over the past year, we have worked with over 100 founders, C-suite executives, NYT best-selling authors, Olympians, award-winning speakers, and more.

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