Quora Top Writer Conference 2015

Candid from the 2015 Top Writer conference in New York.

Candid from the 2015 Top Writer conference in New York.

Last week, I flew to New York to attend the 2015 Quora Top Writer conference.  

First of all, this was my first time in New York.  But the fact that I was invited to be part of this awesome conference was humbling, to say the least.  I didn't know anyone there except fellow Top Writer and real estate investor (at the ripe age of 25), Brandon Lee, but every single person I met was impressive in some way.  Everyone there was a thought leader in their respective industry, and possessed a level of knowledge you don't run into every day.  

What I love about Quora (and what was the overwhelming tone of the conference) was the support of the community.  Every single person I talked to was open and more than willing to share what they knew, without apology.  They loved what they loved—whether it be bioscience innovation, entrepreneurship, real estate, immigration policies, mathematics, etc.—and they were 100% willing to nerd out about it.  That's what I love, and that's who I am.  I like learning, so I had a huge amount of appreciation for the fact that I got to learn from people who were exceptional leaders in their industries.  

I'm really looking forward to the next Top Writer conference in California in 6 months.

The rest of my time spent in New York was a crash course on Manhattan.  I went with my mentor, Ron Gibori, and he gave me the full tour (since he used to live in New York and knew the area very well).  Realistically, I think we walked over 500 blocks in 2 days.  We did everything.  Shopping.  Food.  Tourist spots.  Central park.  The city reminded me a lot of Italy.  Everything is very intimate and full of culture, and made me realize how spread out Chicago is—and Chicago isn't even that spread out.  

Here are some shots from the trip.