#ABookAWeek: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle


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Last week, I finished reading Way Of The Superior Man, and it really got me thinking in terms of "reading tones."  This is a concept I learned from one of my mentors, Aaron Webber, who has two different book lists: the books he reads throughout the year, and the books he re-reads every year.  The books he re-reads every year are his "foundational tones," meaning that they help shape and guide the person he wants to Be.  This is something I very much relate to.

Going into the new year here, I have been thinking a lot about how I can set myself up for success in 2016.  I think having a reading list of "foundational tones" is very important in this sense.  For me, I spend the majority of my day in "work mode."  I work in advertising.  I am constantly checking my e-mail.  My notebook is filled with ideas I want to pursue.  The challenge for me is to remember, through all of that, to take a step back and constantly check in with how I'm feeling.  That is the key to maintaining a balance, to staying open, and for me, to be in tune with my creativity.  Thus, I have learned that my "tones" for reading need to have an emphasis on groundedness and feeling, just as much as they do the foundational "tones" of business and work ethic.

A New Earth is a book that I read many years ago, and I believe it was the book that ultimately introduced me to this path of self discovery.  Ekhart Tolle does a great job at taking something monumentally difficult (How does one "wake up" to themselves?) and walking you through the realization that you already Are.  This is the book that got me started meditating, and this is one of the books that I have recommended to anyone close to me looking to better know themselves.

When I started thinking about what some "foundational tones" could be for me this next year, this book came to mind.  I took this past week to re-read it and found that I see the book in an entirely different light than when I read it as a nineteen year old (obviously).  I also see how, no matter how many times I read this book, I will glean from it deeper perspectives and insights into how I can continually come back to a place of "feeling-knowing" instead of "I think I know this." That's the difference: knowing from a place of logic v.s. knowing from a place of emotion.

That said, this will be one of my "foundational tones" for this year, and I encourage anyone who is looking for a "foundational tone" representative of connecting with your "felt sense" to read (or re-read) this book.  

If you've read A New Earth, or if you pick this book up and want to discuss, I encourage you to leave a comment below.  It's an amazing read and I'd love to hear what the book meant for you.

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