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My First Vlog - Episode 1: I Do Voices

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Well, here it is.

You asked for it.  I turned on the camera.

This is actually something I've been contemplating doing for a long time, I have just always felt more comfortable expressing myself through words and writing than in front of a camera.  But hey, if we want to take the marketing approach here, I can tell you that the fastest growing medium to connect with people is through video so.... *pushes glasses slowly up nose*

Filming this was an interesting experience for me, because again it reminded me of both the fun and the apprehension that comes along with jumping into something new.  It's this "knowing" that what you're about to create isn't going to be perfect, and it's probably going to be a mess, and you're going to stumble a lot and it will be through that whole process that you will eventually find your way.  

This is a lesson I have learned from Mark Beeching, ex Chief Global Creative Officer of Digitas. "You can't steer a stationary ship.  Get the ship moving and then worry about the steering."

I also chose to film it this way (on my phone with no editing) because, while it might be "scary" to do something for the first time, there is no greater feeling than watching your first attempt 6 months or a year down the road and seeing your "style" in its earliest form.  It's part of the reason why I advocate so much for sharing Behind The Scenes content and even work that in progress. We as artists and creatives all experience the same process.  "This isn't good enough. / Well, this is kind of good but still not great. / I like this but let's make it better. / I love this, I'm almost there. / This is amazing, but wow, why am I still apprehensive to share it?"  So I say, screw it, just share the whole process and enjoy the fact that it's not perfect.  It's not supposed to be.

So, enjoy the vlog.  This is me.  Unfiltered.  

Much more to come...

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