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Vlog Episode 2: Grind Day With Cartoonz

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Episode 2: How To Vlog, #ABookAWeek, And Michael Spilling Gravy On His Pants

Michael "Cartoonz" Hogman, aka eSports phenom and Mage Superstar in the World of Warcraft, is a very close friend of mine.  He recently moved to Chicago and we get together once a week to make cool stuff, be creative, work towards our goals, help teach each other new stuff, and hang out.

I talk about it in this vlog but it's worth mentioning here:

This is how I prefer to spend my time.  I'm all for having fun and going out and having "insane experiences" but there is something extremely rewarding and satisfying about building cool things with your close friends.  It's this perfect balance between hanging out and at the same time creating something of your own.

This is the reason why I have had hobbies in my life like online gaming and bodybuilding.  In both of these, you are working alongside people that become your friends towards a common goal. It never feels like work.  Ever.  It's fun and you're with people you enjoy being around and at the same time, you're accomplishing your own goals as well as the goals of the group.  This is how I prefer to spend my time, and I seek having these types of experiences more than any other.

If you want to get good at anything, make friends with someone who is either learning it themselves or already has the skill set you are looking to acquire.  Exchange knowledge.  You teach them something, they teach you something.  Become friends and have fun in the process.

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