$100 Million Lessons

Image from Hubspot.

Being a marketer (and user of the software), I am subscribed to Hubspot's daily newsletter. Recently, I read a great article titled "100 Lessons from 100 Entrepreneurs Worth Over $100 Million."  If you'd like to read it (which I suggest), you can check it out here.

I spent some time reflecting on the little nuggets of wisdom shared by each in the article, and one of the primary themes I saw as a common thread was this idea of giving first and taking second.  Whenever we think of wealth, we think of hoarding.  We think of keeping everything.  We think of stockpiling and never sharing and that’s how we build a mound all for ourselves. 

In a sense, that’s a great strategy for building a small amount of wealth.  But the truly wealthy, the “wealth creators,” are the ones who instead focus on delivering value no matter the cost, and recouping their gains after the fact.  A simple example here would be the fact that most successful startups are deemed much more valuable than they actually are profitable.  Twitter doesn’t even make money and it’s valued at 17B.  With a B.  Billion.

Another common theme I found was the importance of habits. 

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken.” – Warren Buffet

The reason these wildly successful entrepreneurs were able to create the impossible ultimately came down to their willingness to hit the pavement every single day.  That’s a habit.  Success, for them, then becomes a process—not a hope or a dream.  Habits are what shape each day, and with the right habits in place, true value and wealth can ultimately be created.

The article is a fun read, so take five minutes and learn from The Greats.