Startup Geometry Podcast Featuring Nicolas Cole

Here's why Quora is amazing.  

Last week, I posted a question on Quora asking for advice on how I could break into the Public Speaking world.  A bunch of experienced and credible people responded with very actionable suggestions, but I also received a message from Scott Gosnell—a consultant, investment banker and marketing professional for companies in the information technology, healthcare and financial services fields.  He shared a few suggestions of his own on how I could get started, and then he invited me to join him on his podcast, Startup Geometry.

This, right here, is why Quora is such an amazing platform.  I'm pretty active on Instagram, I've dabbled with Twitter, but it's only through Quora that I've been able to make such meaningful connections so quickly with other thought leaders and industry professionals.

On the podcast, Scott and I talked about everything from my early years playing World of Warcraft competitively while struggling with Celiac Disease, all the way up to what I'm doing now—the book I'm working on, my workout routines, and what it's like being a Creative Strategist in the marketing world.

To listen to the podcast, CLICK HERE.