Rules Of Success Podcast: Featuring Nicolas Cole


Hey everyone,

Over the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of traveling. First I spent a week in Atlanta (working on this video, actually). Now I'm in LA, getting ready to launch a course on Personal Branding through the startup LVLUP Dojo. Aiming to be in NY beginning of November for the Quora Top Writer conference. And then back to Chicago!

But while I have been on the road, I have been recording a few podcasts with some big channels, particularly around the book, Confessions of a Teenage Gamer. There are a lot of lessons in that book I consider to be the foundation of all that I am doing right now, many of which can directly apply to things like entrepreneurship, creativity, work habits & discipline, etc. I always want to share what I know so that you can learn and apply it to your own pursuits. That's the intention behind everything I do.

Last week, I recorded an awesome podcast with Bryce Prescott, creator of the Rules of Success podcast. You can listen to it here.

On the show we talked about:

  1. Blogging and Gaming were once looked at as career paths that would never be viable. Now they are. What things do we consider not to be viable right now, that one day may be?
  2. Trust your intuition. If you're in a growing industry and you see potential, even if everyone tells you you're wrong, trust your intuition.
  3. Find a way to "Gamify" your projects. Measure your growth.
  4. Don't be afraid to put out content. Being a content creator requires daily practice—in public.
  5. Influence within your own tribe or community is a pathway to success.
  6. Teaching others while telling your own unique story is a great content strategy to create authority.
  7. Privilege isn't always privileged (the challenges of growing up in a wealthy environment).
  8. If you don't follow your passions, it will ultimately be your downfall.
  9. The scenic road is where you learn the skills that make a real difference in your successes. Because later they add unexpected value.
  10. You can be both a true artist and have a great grasp on how to make money doing it. The artist and the marketer can be the same person. (Big one here)
  11. A key part of all this is asking yourself, "What do people want to learn?" And then providing them with those answers.

Podcasts are always fun for me because somewhere during the show I find my flow, and then I say things that make me realize something new, or something I didn't fully know how to articulate until I had said it. This very much speaks to the bigger lesson that I talk about a lot, which is you can't possibly uncover the answers you are looking for by standing still. You have to get moving. Get talking. Get creating. Get sharing. And then (and only then) will the answers reveal themselves to you.

If you listen to the show, let me know what you think! Comment below or Tweet me @nicolascole77 (or Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook or etc...). 

Photography by Drew Reggie

Photography by Drew Reggie