How To Become A Top Writer On Quora


Anytime someone asks me if they should start a blog, or how they should start a blog, I tell them not to.

Don't start a blog first.

Start with Quora.

I cannot stress enough the importance of starting to share your knowledge (or even just express yourself) on a platform that already has users. Quora, Medium, these places already have a community for you to tap into. If you start a blog with no audience, nobody is going to read what you write or share. Ever.

For me, Quora was the foundation for everything. It's how I built a very sizable audience. It's how I got into major publications. It's how I grew my network. It's how I expanded to other social platforms. And it's how I ultimately launched this blog you are reading right now.

For those new to Quora, I have put together a free e-mail course on why you should get started there first, and how you can become a thought leader in your individual niche.

What do we cover in this e-mail course?

  1. Of All The Social Platforms, Why Quora?
  2. "But what do I write on Quora?"
  3. The Value Of The Top Writer Badge
  4. How You Write Something Viral Worthy
  5. The Ultimate Guide To Quora

To sign up for our free e-mail course, submit below! It is a 5 Day course, and each day you will receive the next lesson.