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How To Snapchat Like A Boss (Ft. Jessica Zweig)

Nicolas ColeComment

Those that have been following me for a while know that I like to do daily vlogs on Snapchat (@nicolascole77). 

What originally intrigued me about Snapchat was the fact that A) Your Story only lasted 24 hours, B) The filters were really fun (I like doing voices), and C) I found that people were much more engaged on Snapchat than they were on Instagram.

Whenever someone asks me, "How would you explain what you do?" I respond with this:

If you tell me what you love, I can tell you how you can build a career for yourself around it. 

And I would call that Building A Personal Brand.

In today's world of social platforms, I would strongly encourage you to take a look at Snapchat. Even though it is still a very young platform (but rapidly growing), I am really interested in where it is moving. I feel like Snapchat is going to be what Twitter should have been—they just weren't innovative enough. 

If you are interested in building a Personal Brand, or want to expand your audience to Snapchat, or just want to understand why Snapchat is going to be "the next big thing," I've created a free e-mail course just for you.

And I've teamed up with Chicago Snapchat Queen, Jessica Zweig, to make sure we cover all the good stuff. Jess is the founder of SimplyBe, a digital agency focusing on emerging social platforms—and the perfect tag-team partner to teach you all about how to use Snapchat effectively.


What do we cover in this e-mail course?

  1. The Importance Of Telling Your Story
  2. Facing Your Audience (Literally)
  3. Engaging & Why You Should Ask Your Audience Questions
  4. Growing Your Following Through Collaborations
  5. Snapping Every Day—And Why It's The Key To Success

To sign up for our free e-mail course, submit below! It is a 5 Day course, and each day you will receive the next lesson.