7 Ways To Work Harder Instead Of Smarter (P.2)


Well, this blew my mind.

I was Googling my name looking for an old article of mine, only to discover dozens of articles I had never seen before where publications have sited my Quora answers and used the content without linking to give me credit.

Newsweek was one of them.

First of all, I'm not even mad about it—I encourage people to share my content. I just wish I had known that all along I had had content republished in places like Newsweek so that I could mention it! 

Anyways, this isn't a full article of mine, but they used one of my points from a previous Quora post and tied it together with a bunch of others. It is titled, "KISS YOUR LONG TO-DO LIST GOODBYE: 7 WAYS YOU CAN START WORKING SMARTER, NOT HARDER." 

You can read the full post here.

Crazy, right?