The Best Way to Improve Your Life in a Single Day


When it comes to life's trajectory, how you can best aim toward your designed future is dependent upon a number of things:

Positive daily habits.

If you want to achieve something big, you have to start with something small. If you want to go somewhere far, you have to first get somewhere near. 


Knowing where you want to go is only half the battle. The hard work entails sitting down and disciplining yourself to get done what needs to get done.


You're going to face challenges. You're going to run into obstacles. The key to success comes down to your ability to persist.


And always keep a close eye on the overall direction. Know when to speed up, but more important, know when to slow down.

All of the above are crucial to maintaining a positive direction in life.

But the real question is: What can you do right now, today, to improve your current situation the most?

This is where people get stuck.

Too often, people misconstrue "urgent" for "important." They plan their days and structure their time based on what is most immediate, instead of what is most likely to instigate change and drive results. 

Focus on what moves the needle. This goes for everything from business to personal health to mental sanity to nurturing positive friendships and relationships. 

So, what can you do to improve your life the most in a single day?

Here's the easiest way to get to the core of all change--change in the workplace, change within yourself, change between others, etc.:

Be today who you want to be tomorrow.

That's it. It's so simple, and yet too often we repeat out loud, to ourselves and to others, "I really should do this, I really need to do that." We prolong the experience thinking that tomorrow, or the day after, or next week or month or year will be any different from this moment right now.

Do you know how you become the person you want to be?

You start living as that person right now.

Instead of saying, "I will start being more responsible tomorrow," start being more responsible today. Instead of saying, "I will eat healthy tomorrow," eat healthy today. Instead of saying, "I really should make this a habit," make it a habit today. 

If you want to improve your life the most in a single day, live today, be today, who you want to be tomorrow.