7 Steps To Start Building Your Personal Brand


In preparation for my new upcoming course, "Build Yourself," (click here to sign up early!) I've put together a free 7 Day e-mail course teaching people how they can start building a Personal Brand for themselves. Here's how it works:

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What is the value of building a Personal Brand?

Having a Personal Brand in today's society is the single most valuable thing you could possibly have.


1) People want to work with people the market trusts (aka: people that have been "validated" or "pre-approved.")

2) People want to collaborate with others who have an audience of their own.

3) People want to hire people who are leaders in their respective industry.

4) People inherently trust people who have a public presence.

5) People gravitate toward those who share similar ideals, beliefs, and aspirations.

Having a Personal Brand accomplishes all of that—and more.

If you are a Thought Leader in your industry, then other Thought Leaders are going to want to connect and collaborate with you. Publications will want to feature you. Clients will want to work with you. Audiences will look to you for guidance. The list goes on and on. Having a Personal Brand is what establishes your value in your particular niche or market—and will do nothing but open doors of opportunity.

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If building a Personal Brand is something that interests you, I highly suggest first taking a look at the free 7 Day e-mail course I put together above. That will teach you some of the basics.

However, if you're interested in working with me directly on building, expanding, or monetizing your Personal Brand, get in touch with me here