Your Style Is Everything You Are


Developing your own style isn't an "end."

It's a constant flow. A discovery over time, intended to change. Your style is a reflection of who you are, and it includes everything from your voice to your clothes, your mannerisms and habits to your coping mechanisms and circle of friends. To think "style" only includes what you look like is so limiting. Your style is Everything You Are.

When you begin to intentionally build yourself, this concept of Style begins to take shape. 

The process is usually as follows:

Step 1: Imitation

All learning begins with imitation. You find someone who embodies certain qualities you yourself hope to one day have yourself, and (sometimes without even realizing it) you begin to emulate them. Sometimes you take on their mannerisms. Sometimes you adopt similar habits. Sometimes you simply try to dress the same, and sometimes you begin to speak like them too. But, at its core, it is imitation with the hope of learning.

Step 2: Variation

After imitation has brought you to a place of confidence, you begin to put your own spin on what it is you've "acquired." You take what you have gained and begin to shift certain variables, aligning them with things that resonate more deeply with you as a unique individual. In the beginning, you do not change much (as you fear losing all that imitation has given you), but just enough to awaken to your own unique creativity. 

Step 3: Expression

At some point, variation becomes expression. You are now more of your own self than you are the imitation of someone else, and you can taste the joy that comes with that freedom. You run forward in that direction, knowing that you have unlocked a part of yourself that now feels comfortable enough being naked. And it is from here that your greatest gifts begin to emerge.

Step 4: Reinvention

However, the process is not yet over—in fact, it is never "over." Because with each discovery comes a new depth of self-understanding, leading you to new possibilities within wherein you begin the process all over again: Imitation, Variation, Expression, and then ultimately Reinvention.

Your style, then, is never a stagnant "end."

It is a constantly reflection of where you are right now.