Setting Goals For 2017 & How To Measure Success | #CoffeeWithCole Episode 1

Every year, I go way up north in Wisconsin to do some much needed relaxing and snowmobiling with my family. But along with this family tradition I have created a tradition of my own: a closing of one journal, and an opening of the next.


I posted this image on my Instagram and Facebook pages on New Year's Eve. On the right is my journal from 2016, and on the left is a fresh journal for 2017. 

I explain my process in detail in the video above, but this practice has become immensely valuable to me over the years. I look forward to NYE specifically for this reason, and consider it a cornerstone practice when it comes to self-development. 

This year, one of the things I really want to focus more on is video content. Reason being: I write a lot online (A LOT), and but at the same time I feel like everything that happens outside of the writing doesn't get seen or shared. This year, I really want to bring you (my readers) into my day to day life, so you can see what actually goes into building yourself, your daily habits, your work, your creative projects, and of course, your personal brand. 

To me, they all go hand in hand, and that's really what I want to teach people. It's not about building a false version of yourself. It's about taking the best parts of who you are and turning up the volume.

Each week, I will be doing a little recap vlog of what's been going on lately, where I am in the world (I'll be doing lots of traveling this upcoming year), what content you missed, and what's coming up next. These weekly vlogs are just the beginning: we (my team and I) have a whole list of other video content we're going to be putting out there, so stay tuned.

This weekly vlog series will be called #CoffeeWithCole. Why? Because I love coffee (and drink a lot of it), but also because coffee is what people share when they want to get to know each other—and I want you to get to know me. So, since we may not be able to have coffee together in person, I encourage you to pour yourself a cup and enjoy the vlogs. 

I will also be doing some interactive vlogs, answering people's questions on video. If you'd like your question answered, Tweet me, Instagram me, or ask the question on Quora by using #CoffeeWithCole, and I will answer your question! 

Now, here's all the content you missed this past week:

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What I'm Currently Reading


Right now, I am reading The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety.

I am a few chapters in, and really loving the perspective Watts shares in terms of self-awareness and "purpose." I have known of Alan Watts' work for a while now, but haven't quite taken the time to dive in. This was a Christmas present from my close friend Matthew Jones (who is getting ready to graduate with his doctorate in psychology!), so I'm glad I can finally get a better sense of what Watts is all about.  

What's Next?

This next week, my fellow creative Drew Reggie is coming to Chicago. We've got a whole bunch of things planned:

1. Speaking at MATTER Chicago on Friday, January 6th. If you're in Chicago, come! It's at the Merchandise Mart.

2. Shooting our first big video episode featuring some of Chicago's primary thought leaders within the digital marketing / personal branding / design spaces. (Check my Instagram stories to follow along while we shoot it.)

3. Flying to Atlanta on Sunday, January 8th for the following week. Shooting the next episode there, as well as going to start shooting the first round of video courses: How To Build A Personal Brand & How To Monetize Your Personal Brand.

Here we go!