Chicago v.s California & LVLUP Dojo House | #CoffeeWithCole Episode 3


Last week, I went back (back) to Cali (Cali) to visit the LVLUP Dojo guys in Hollywood Hills, along with scheduling a quick trip to Irvine to chat with Winnie Sun (contributor to Forbes) on her business show. She asked me some awesome questions, and I streamed our filming together live on Facebook

I'll post the professional video as soon as I have it.

Something that was really apparent to me while I was out in the hills was how different I feel in California versus Chicago. It's not really that one is "better" than the other, but they definitely bring out different aspects of my creativity. 

What I'm Currently Reading


I just started reading Fyodor Dostoyevsky's famed The Gambler

So, fun fact (which I just read in the introduction) is that Dostoyevsky actually really did have a gambling problem. And when he was working on The Gambler, he was also simultaneously working on Crime & Punishment, arguably his most famous work. However, he got a little behind on some of his payments (oh the woes of gambling) and struck a deal with a publisher for an advance on his next novel under the condition that he would have a publishable manuscript ready in 30 days.

Apparently that was the motivation the Russian linguist needed. He wrote The Gambler in less than a month, particularly through the use of a stenographer—a student who helped transcribe the work.

I really like alternating between genres when I read, and particularly enjoy making time to read dense fiction because it is such a great workout for the brain. Balancing plot and character development and description and language all at the same time is a totally different beast than reading a book on entrepreneurship. There is a time and place for both.

What's Next?

I'm back in Chicago for two weeks, and then I am headed to Arizona, Atlanta, and then Europe. We're going to Budapest, Amsterdam, and Paris, specifically to film some scenes for the next big course called, Laptop Lifestyle: How To Live Your Dream From Anywhere In The World.

Big things coming! And yes, plan on there being a whole lot of #CoffeeWithCole episodes in Europe.

Stay tuned...