Selfish For Success Podcast Featuring Nicolas Cole

nicolas cole selfish for success

Now that Digital Press is launched and operating, I've been able to get back to doing more podcasts again.

I recently stopped by the Selfish for Success podcast with Dr. Steve Orma, talking about, well, the importance of being selfish with your time in order to become successful.

This is such an interesting topic, and one that tends to prompt all kinds of discussion. 

I am a firm believer that in order to succeed at anything, you have to be selfish with your time. I just also believe "selfish" is the wrong word for it. Being selfish implies that you don't want to give to others, which should never be the case. Instead, I like to use the word "deliberate." 

Being successful requires that you be deliberate with your time.

Click here to listen to the podcast. I explain exactly what I mean.