The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast Featuring Nicolas Cole


I am really big into podcasts. 

I have always found them immensely helpful in helping me understand what it is I am looking to vocalize and teach people. There's something different about saying it out loud versus writing it. And often times, I leave a podcast with even more clarity around what I "know" than when I had originally walked in.

Recently, I was invited by Phoebe Chongchua to stop by her podcast, The Brand Journalism Advantage, specifically to talk about Personal Branding.

I shared: 5 Top Tips How To Build A Personal Brand

  1. “What’s Your Why” - Know your Why so that people see you as a true thought leader.
  2. Choose Your Channels Carefully – Don’t waste time on “popular” social channels if that’s not where your core audience is.
  3. Consistency With Content – Come up with a content schedule for yourself and stick to it (and create today what is better than what you created yesterday).
  4. Collaborate More Than You Post – Collaboration with other thought leaders is how you grow your audience and establish your credibility in your space/market.
  5. Update Your Image – On the Internet, people DO judge books by their cover, so make sure all your materials and content reflect the professionalism of your personal brand.

To listen to the full podcast, click here.