How To Get Your Writing Featured In Major Publications


How do you get your writing placed in Forbes, Fortune, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, and more?

4 years ago, I started writing on a website called Quora. Anyone who knows my story knows that I attribute just about all of my success writing online to Quora, and how that platform fundamentally changed the way I think about crafting content.

What a lot of people don't know is how websites like Quora, Medium, and LinkedIn can not only be tremendously powerful platforms to build a loyal audience, but can be used in a way to get your content seen by hundreds of thousands (even millions) of readers.

Don't believe me?

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Platforms like Quora (although Medium and LinkedIn have similar processes) do a phenomenal job of finding the best content being created by their users and pushing it to massive audiences.

That's just one benefit.

Another massive benefit that a lot of people don't know about is that some of the biggest publications on the Internet actively search these platforms for amazing content they can republish.

In fact, there was a point when I was having a different answer on Quora republished by a major publication every single week for almost 6 months straight.

I finally got to a point where Inc Magazine was republishing so much of my work that they gave me a daily column. I have since written 200+ columns for Inc and accumulated millions of views there alone.

People think that getting work placed in a major publication is about hiring a PR firm, or pitching a columnist to write about them (I know because I get dozens of PR pitches in my inbox on a weekly basis). And sure, those tactics work, but what's the real benefit? Have someone write about you once?

Wouldn't you rather be actively creating content yourself? Wouldn't you rather people see you and the knowledge you're sharing as a leading resource in your industry?

This is what I mean by building a personal brand and establishing yourself as a thought leader. 

When people are actively reading your content, and especially when that content is appearing on the Internet's most widely known and credible publications, you end up generating your own PR.

And instead of having to go out and sell clients, your ideal clients come to you. 

But most of all, you build an audience that is truly interested in your content. That's the biggest value of all.

Getting content placed in a major publication isn't a game of luck. It's a science. I would know—I climbed my way all the way up the ladder, learning exactly how to write content that these big publications would be excited to republish. I have written over 600 answers on Quora, over 50 of which have found their way into major publications and accumulated millions upon millions of views. 

If you want to learn how you can write highly sharable and meaningful content online, I put together a 5-day email course teaching you exactly how.

This free email course covers:

1. The "method to the madness" to climbing the ladder and having your content published by the Internet's biggest and most credible publications.

2. Why starting a blog is the last thing you should do—not the first.

3. Writing content that speaks to your target audience's "pain points."

4. How platforms like Quora, Medium, and LinkedIn syndicate their best content.

5. What content nobody cares about—and how you can write content people will actually want to read and share.

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