The Hustle Sold Separately Podcast Featuring Nicolas Cole


I recently stopped by the Hustle Sold Separately podcast to chat with Matt Gottesman from H&DF Magazine and Case Kenny from PRSUIT

This podcast had quite a few "firsts" for me:

To start, these two guys (the hosts of the show) were the first to nail pretty much my entire bio and journey from start to finish. They started the podcast by going all the way back to my World of Warcraft days, tracing that up through my years as a bodybuilder and fitness model, entering college and my decision to pursue creative writing, my years spent working in advertising, until finally arriving at present day. 

Second, this was the first podcast I've done where I've really discussed my agency and first successful entrepreneurial venture, Digital Press

Third, what I liked most about this podcast is how much we dove into the process of being both a writer and a successful entrepreneur. A lot of the podcasts I do are very marketing focused, and while that's certainly a passion of mine, it's not necessarily my biggest differentiator. I've said it a hundred times: I am an artist first and a marketer second, and the only reason I have become a recognized digital marketer is because I had to learn those skills in order to get people to read my writing.

But it's the writing process and the entrepreneurial journey I care much more about, and think is infinitely more valuable to readers and listeners.

To listen to the podcast, click here.