I regularly speak at conferences, companies, masterminds, and workshops to teach people the value of building a Personal Brand. Becoming a thought leader in your industry is a process, and in turning myself into an Influencer and thought leader from the ground-up, I now actively teach and share the process with serial entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and business owners looking to build themselves into a voice of authority in their industry.


How To Build (And Monetize) A Personal Brand

Building a Personal Brand is an art. However, there is a tried-and-true process for becoming an authority figure in your industry that people actively seek out. It's not about just "writing content"—that would be like saying the creation of a great book is about just "writing words." In order to build a Personal Brand and become a true thought leader, you have to have a firm understanding of what people in your space are struggling with, and then catering your content to address those pain points in a way that both educates and empowers them, and tells your own unique personal story at the same time.

Benefits of building a Personal Brand are:

  • Inbound Clients
  • Increased Credibility
  • Exposure For Your Business
  • A Loyal Audience
  • Additional (Passive) Revenue Streams
  • Unlocking Additional Opportunities: Speaking Gigs, Book Deals, etc.

How To Get Published In Major Publications By Writing Valuable Content Online (In The Right Places)

At 26 years old, I have had work published in almost every single major publication on the Internet: TIME, Forbes, Fortune, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Newsweek, Apple News, Fox News, The Chicago Tribune, and many more. My writing has accumulated over 20,000,000 views, and I have had dozens of articles go viral, each acquiring 100,000 to 1M+ views. I am a 3x Top Writer on Quora and a daily columnist for Inc Magazine. 

I did all of this by writing content online in a way that I knew major publications would want to republish—and they did.

I have packaged my process for becoming a published writer and recognized author into an online course

However, I also speak and perform masterminds and workshops instructing people on how to more effective write content online, and specifically where they should be writing their content (not on a blog!) in order to build a loyal reader base, get republished by major publications, and ultimately establish themselves as a thought leader in their industry.  

How To Motivate (And Keep) Your Millennial Employees Engaged At The Workplace

As a columnist for Inc Magazine, I write actively about the Millennial generation—since I am a Millennial myself. 

Some of my most popular articles have been on the controversial topic of Millennials in the workplace. It is a topic of hot discussion, and as a Millennial who recently left the 9-5 world, I see and understand both sides of the debate. 

When I speak to Millennials, I educate them on the process of what it truly takes to invest in yourself, your skill sets, and how to build positive habits in order to make effective moves in the direction they want to head.

When I speak to businesses and major corporations, I educate senior leadership teams on the drivers behind the Millennial generation, and what processes and leadership techniques need to be implemented and prioritized internally in order to build loyalty with Millennial employees.

Examples of popular Inc Magazine articles on Millennials:

1. The 1 Question That Gets Every Single Millennial In Trouble

2. Want To Keep Your Millennial Employees? You Have To Be Willing To Offer Them This 1 Thing

3. 9 Brutal Truths Every Millennial Looking for Job Needs to Hear (It Will Put Things in Perspective)