Chase The Dream, Not The Destination


This is something that has taken me a long, long time to understand—and something that I will spend the rest of my life practicing to remember:

Chase the dream, not the destination.

I work with individuals that have a vision for what they want to create. Creatives. Entrepreneurs. CEOs. Business owners. I have learned that it's not WHAT you're doing that defines who you are—it's HOW you're doing it, and your unique approach to the work.

But too often, I see the same underlying parallel preventing extremely talented people from pursuing their dream. And their dream, if you inquire enough, is not a destination. It's not a certain amount of money or a mansion on the coast of the Caribbean. It's the ability to do something they love, more than anything else in the world, every single day. It's the freedom to express themselves, and make a living doing so. 

It's honestly the reason why I believe building a Personal Brand is the road to getting there. It's about saying to the world—an audience that tries hard to tell you who you should be—who it is you ARE, and WHAT it is you want to do, and HOW it is you want to do it.

If we know, then, that it's not the destination that drives people, then how is it so many people lose focus on the dream? They worry about what people will think, or whether or not what they want to do will "work."

Dude. Girl. Whoever you are. Of course it's going to work. It "works" because you're actually DOING it. 

Your dream isn't to do it to one day acquire something.

It's to just DO IT, period.